Vol 33 (2013)

PreOccupy/Maximum Occupancy

Table of Contents


PreOccupy/Maximum Occupancy PDF Doc
Kryssi Staikidis i-vii


This is What Democracy Looks Like: Art and the Wisconsin Uprising PDF DOC
Kim Cosier 1-20
Anonymous: The Occupy Movement and the Failure of Representational Democracy PDF DOC
jan jagodzinski 21-37
Poetic Occupations: The Artist as Narrator Protagonist PDF Doc
Jack Richardson 38-52
Craft as Activism PDF Doc
Elizabeth Garber 53-66
Feminist Zines: (Pre)Occupations of Gender Identity, Politics, and Digital Cultures PDF Doc
Courtney Lee Weida 67-85
(Pre)determined Occupations: The Postcolonial Hybridizing of Identity and Art Forms in Third World Spaces PDF Doc
Amanda Alexander, Manisha Sharma 86-104
Hosting the Occupation of Art Education as Aporia PDF Doc
Nadine M. Kalin 105-117
Big Gay Church: Religion, Religiosity, and Visual Culture PDF Doc
James H. Sanders III, Kim Cosier, Mindi Rhoades, Courtnie Wolfgang, Melanie G. Davenport 118-135

Volume 33: PreOccupy/Maximum Occupancy

PreOccupy/Maximum Occupancy PDF

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